Angel Investors

Baylor Angel Network (BAN)

The Baylor Angel Network (BAN) is an investor network providing early stage capital to entrepreneurs with developed business plans. BAN is part of Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business and operates at the discretion of Dr. Terry Maness, Dean of Hankamer School of Business. The network is advised by a Board of Advisors and operated by an Operations Team of faculty, staff and students. Since each angel agrees to contribute a portion of their profits from investment, BAN provides a long-term revenue source for the Hankamer School of Business and Baylor University.

DallasBlue Entrepreneurs

DallasBlue Entrepreneurs accelerates founder and business success. The programs include DallasPitch, the Successful Entrepreneurs Series and educational panels. DallasPitch is oriented to founders who have none or minimal pitch experience in front of investors. The Pitch helps prepare founders for angel and VC presentations through a practical experience in four ways:

The group is a part of The DallasBlue Business Network, a leading business and technology resource for North Texas, international CEOs, executives and networkers.

The InvestIn Forum

The InvestIn Forum is a for-profit association of angel investor communities that has a regional to international network presence. This group was created a few years to pool angel investors and their resources together in hopes of addressing the funding gap between Venture Capital and needed seed money for a start-up venture. Membership is strictly by invitation only. Angels are invited to join the network for an annual fee and deals are pre-vetted before they pitch to the members. As with most angel groups, InvestIn selects deals that are industry and or technology specific according to the angel’s areas of expertise and or investment interest.

Lone Star Angels

Created in late 2007, Lone Star Angels is a non-profit entity, focused on creating an avenue for entrepreneurs to engage with serious investors from the North Texas region. Lone Star Angels invites entrepreneurs to pitch their company to a tight-knit group of angels that have expertise across multiple industry segments as well as successful past investments. The group understands the importance of building a network of angels that have the wherewithal to provide smart investment options that benefit not just the entrepreneur in a start-up company but the community as a whole. Lone Star Angels has an alignment with NTEC of Frisco, but does not limit their angel investing to medical device or equipment companies. The main drive behind Lone Star Angels is a small group of entrepreneurs/executives with experience in building start-up ventures as well as mergers, acquisitions, and the sale of technology companies.

North Texas Angel Network

The North Texas Angel Network (NTAN) was established in 2007 to provide a forum for the presentation of quality deals for angel investment opportunities. NTAN holds events at venues across the Metroplex for angel groups that share deals by using the same business model, fee structure, and Member Code of Conduct. The main function of NTAN is to pool resources and funds for seed and start-up capital investment for entrepreneurs at any stage, in any industry, across the North Texas region. The process includes screening applicant companies, coaching entrepreneurs and management teams and providing outreach services through established partners such as incubators and financial institutions. Membership for Accredited Investors is by invitation only. NTAN does not give investment advice or recommend investments to any person, nor make any investments on its own account.

North Dallas Investment Group, Inc.

Chapman, Hext & Co, P. C. has an affiliate company, The North Dallas Investment Group (NDIG) that has operated an “Angel Group” for a number of years. For those of you who are not familiar with the terminology, “Angel Group”, it is an organization where accredited investors can review the business plans of early stage companies that need a small amount of capital and are looking for individuals to invest.

We want to let everyone know about NDIG and the exciting changes that are taking place to make potential investments easier for investors to access and review. To do this, NDIG has adopted a new online software platform for deal flow called Angelsoft. We have integrated this system into our website to take in deal flow from entrepreneurs and to also provide our investors with an online portal for viewing the information. Angelsoft also helps us manage activity and lets you see NDIG deals on the web. It is a new system designed specifically for the early stage investor market, and is being used by other groups in Texas such as Houston Angel Network.

If you are an entrepreneur: Fill out the on-line application on Entrepreneur Login. When you are finished, click submit. You will receive a confirmation email. The North Dallas Investment Group will receive your on-line application, as well as a quick one-page printable overview.

Houston Angel Network (HAN)

The Houston Angel Network (HAN) is a non-profit organization that provides its members a forum in which to efficiently evaluate promising early-stage investment opportunities. Its membership consists of active and SEC-accredited angel investors who share the goal of making informed, collaborative investments in promising early stage Texas-based companies. HAN was founded in late 2001 and is the largest and most active angel network in Texas: Since inception, our members have invested more than $27M in 68 deals.

Dallas Angel Group (DAN)

The Dallas Angel Network is a non profit organization (501(c)(3)) that connects entrepreneurs with angel investors. The DAN is run by unpaid volunteers and financial professionals interested in deploying their own capital and in meeting likeminded individuals who wish to create wealth through innovative ideas and ingenuity. The DAN does not charge entrepreneurs to submit their business plan or at any other stage. This maximizes participation by entrepreneurs and ensures strong deal flow.