Investment Resources

Since its inception in 2005, the North Texas RCIC has created working relationships with many investors both locally and outside of Texas. In the past we merely referred entrepreneurs to these investors. Starting in our 2011/2012 fiscal year, we have invited our investor resources to come participate at our Pitch day where they see deal flow and provide feedback to presenting companies. All of the investors listed have agreed to participate in the North Texas Pitch Day. Pitch Day is a great opportunity for investors to hear many pitches in one day and hopefully invest in one of the presenting companies.


The North Texas Regional Center for Innovation and Commercialization (“NTXRCIC”) may from time to time make available listings of certain legal, accounting and other types of service providers to NTXRCIC Client Companies. Such lists are provided for informational and convenience purposes only. The NTXRCIC is not acting as a sponsor, agent or representative of any of the referred providers, and any such listing of providers is not intended to constitute a recommendation or endorsement by the NTXRCIC of the providers’ products or services. Such listings are solely intended to suggest independent evaluation by the Client Company of any provider’s services or products before entering into a business arrangement with them; and, if a company subsequently chooses to conduct business with any referred provider, then it does so at its sole discretion and risk.

The NTXRCIC makes no representations, warranties or guarantees (express or implied) as to the reliability or adequacy of any such provider referred either by written lists, orally or by other means. The NTXRCIC further disclaims all responsibility for the reliability or actions of all such providers and in no event will the NTXRCIC or any of its affiliates be liable for damages of any nature arising out of or relating to utilization of any of such providers.