Venture Capital (VC)

Venture Capital Firms

Our Venture Capital partners are interested in partnering with start-up companies to create the best capital investment strategy that benefits all parties. Whether they lead an investment round or commit to follow-on investment, these Venture Capital firms have varied investment criteria and areas of specialization. The NTXRCIC will work with your company to counsel you in VC pitching as well as make warm introductions on your behalf.


ORIX Texas Technology & Infrastructure Fund -

The ORIX Texas Technology & Infrastructure Fund (TTIF) will focus on capital-efficient technology companies in Texas that need critical early capital, $1 million to $5 million in order to generate substantial revenue. Infrastructure investments are focused in the $5-$50 million arena. The Directors of the ORIX TTIF are seeking to build a diversified portfolio of companies each capable of achieving a meaningful exit.

Trailblazer Capital -

Trailblazer Capital is an early stage and growth venture capital investor focused on companies based in Texas and Oklahoma. Our management team and partners are comprised of successful entrepreneurs. We believe this gives us keen insight into the unique skill set required to take a company from launch — through rapid growth — to exit. Depending on the opportunity, Trailblazer Capital will lead or co-lead an investment round and commit $500,000 to $5,000,000 into each portfolio company.

Our areas of interest include: business equipment and software, IP networking, telecommunications and mobility equipment and software, gaming technology, capital-efficient green technology, health care software and services, Internet (web based) services and software, social media, digital media, cloud computing, material science and consumer electronics.

We do not invest in life science, biotechnology, medical device, real estate or natural resource companies. We avoid opportunities that are saddled with large valuations, complex capital structures or broker fees.

Silver Creek Ventures -

At Silver Creek Ventures, we study, identify and invest in technologies and markets on the leading-edge of disruption. In this way we build our companies to catch the wave when market forces create outstanding growth and exit opportunities.

We focus on early-stage information technology companies across government, enterprise, communications and consumer markets with differentiation ranging from components to services. Our investment decisions pivot on the opportunity to build a fast-growing company in a large market opportunity.

Dallas Venture Partners (DVP)

Our mission at Dallas Venture Partners (“DVP”) is to become the financial partner of choice for technology entrepreneurs seeking to build a world-class business. At DVP, we believe in creating and sustaining long term relationships within our own local venture community as well as within the larger venture industry. That means, if we think we can help you, we will – even if we are not able to invest in your business. It also means that if we choose to invest in your company, you can expect us to use every resource at our disposal to ensure that you will succeed. We do not believe in simply writing checks.