About the North Texas RCIC


The North Texas RCIC seeks to identify North Texas Entrepreneurial ventures, global funding opportunities, worldwide innovative technologies, and entrepreneurial events. We always have our eyes open for a fresh idea, an interested investor, the next big technology, and impactful functions.


The North Texas RCIC strives to educate North Texas entrepreneurial ventures in any aspect that can help make a company successful. The North Texas RCIC provides guidance, counseling, and mentoring to entrepreneurs for business plans, presentation, pitch, and staffing needs. The educational environment at the North Texas RCIC is very much one on one. Through our partners, we offer opportunities for entrepreneurs to attend classes, symposiums, and event, as well as access beneficial materials and networking.


The North Texas RCIC works to connect the players (entrepreneurs, investors, universities, large corporations, and government) of the vast North Texas entrepreneurial community together. Whatever your entrepreneurial needs might be, we’ll be the compass that guides you in the right direction. The North Texas RCIC sees an innovative tomorrow in Texas’ future and we hope you see it, too.

The North Texas Regional Center for Innovation & Commercialization (NTXRCIC) is a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit corporation.